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How to install the auger to a mini excavator?

Heure: 2022-03-09 Les coups : 7

Earth auger is used for numerous projects. It is used for planting tree, building decks, retaining walls, for any structure that requires vertical posts, you will need to dig a round post hole. This is where the auger comes in. By attaching the auger to the mini excavator you will be able to efficiently and accurately dig post holes.

Auger, break hammer, ripper, they are most popular accessories for mini excavator, when our client buy mini excavator from us, and they want to add some accessories, earth auger may be the first choice. But many users enquiry us about the installing issue. So we made a video to show the attach instructions.

Below please check the teaching video, and if you still have a problem, you could talk with our salesman, or send the email to [email protected]

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